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USB 3.1 And Its Disruptive USB Type-C Connector

 USB is as ubiquitous a connector standard as you can find, but a new generation is coming with the 3.1 specification, which portends a future where USB offers a single-cable solution for audio, video, data and power on "every conceivable platform and mobile device," or so the press materials claim.

There are three "pillars" to the new spec: SuperSpeed USB (10 Gb/s), USB Power Delivery and the actual USB Type-C connector.

USB Type-C Connector

The changes that USB 3.1 bring are most obviously seen in USB Type-C, because there's an entirely new connector that fits into a port whether upside-down or right-side up, which eliminates the primary frustration with USB ports since they first appeared on devices years ago. Somehow, even though you had a 50/50 chance of guessing the orientation of your USB cable correctly, your failure rate was around 95 percent. (Or was that just me?)

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